My son comes home from school talking about Geodes and how they’re an amazing gift from nature (my words, his were more scientific). We talked about it for a while, looked up some photos on the internet. Being who I am, I mentioned the possibility of making our own. We looked up ways to make them, different ingredients and ways of making them. We chose a recipe that was easier to put together since we had all the ingredients on hand.

This is how Dollar Store Crafts did it, I followed the instructions to the T and I love how everything came out. Thank you for excellent instructions.

Project estimate & recipe:

  • 3 Tablespoons Borax, about $4.00/box
  • 1 Cup boiling water, on hand
  • Food colouring, on hand or $1
  • Pipe cleaners, on hand or $1
  • Large jar, glass or pitcher, on hand
  • Dish cloth, on hand
  • Skewer, butter knife, chop stick, on hand
  • Fishing line or curling ribbon, on hand or $1

Total:  about $4 and up                                                                                                                          The colour of the pipe cleaner is what decides the colour of your crystals. For example, I used dark blue to get the sapphire colour. If you only have white pipe cleaners, you can use food colouring in the water to dye them.  Metallic pipe cleaners work best. Shape the pipe cleaner(s) and thread fishing line or curling ribbon through the edge. Put it in your empty container and using a skewer, butter knife or chop stick, tie the ends around it so that your pipe cleaner shape doesn’t touch the sides or bottom of your container.  Once you’ve got it tied off at the right height, remove it from the container before you add your water.Bring water to a boil and carefully pour into your container. Add the Borax and food colouring (if needed), stirring until the Borax is completely dissolved. Add your pipe cleaner shape tied to the skewer, butter knife or chop stick and cover with a dish cloth. Let sit overnight or about 5 hours. Uncover and be amazed! Carefully pull out the fishing line or curling ribbon from your finished geode.

This is Dollar Store Crafts

DIY Geodes

This is our finished product. I think we did a good job. I didn’t have anywhere to put them, anything that would represent the geodes the best. I went to my nearest thrift store and we happen to get lucky and found the perfect bowl. As you can see, I added a few things that I had around the house. Some transparent stones, a couple of dark ones and a candle which I placed inside a napkin ring that I got at a garage sale.

This became the centerpiece for my table for a long while. My son made sure that every person that came to visit would take a look at it. We were quite proud of it. Hopefully the next thing he learns will be as fun.

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Birthdays and Video Games

I love it when its time for my kids birthdays. I look forward to the theme and what I can make for them. As they get older, it has gotten harder, running out of themes and trying to figure out something that won’t look to “kiddish” as they like to say. When my son said he wanted video games as his theme, I knew that for it to look good, I had to go to the classics. I made it clear that I meant classics from my time, not his. Luckily I have taught my son well and he loved the games I suggested.

photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1)

The younger ones had a good time “playing” on the giant Nintendo and pretending they were in a game, it was great for pictures. Of course PacMan had to make an appearance. Everybody, regardless of age loves PacMan. Amazingly I didn’t need to go out and buy anything, I know, it either makes me a rat pack or a very intelligent woman that can see into the future and knows what she will be using so she keeps it handy, I choose the latter!! It was a hit with the party guests, kids and adults alike. I always like being a hit!


As much as I love fashion, and that includes shoes, lots and lots of shoes, crafts and food, I have to admit that I’m a geek at heart. I blame my husband of course, Mr. Technology. From time to time I sneak a peak at some cool techy fashion, I just can’t help myself!! They’re really COOL!! I thought I would share some that really caught my eye. Some would be really nice gifts for my husband, some I just look at…., who am I kidding, I would love to wear!

8f0d644863299a3793f6d45713ab7fddI have to say, I have heard this from my children so many times. They tell their friends, and even some family members. My husband and I have said it mostly to family members. I just love it.

66bf310e165040514235e6a567f450a2 412b5addd1becdcc12cb25c6c89a20a7I love  this shirt for obvious reasons, my entire family would wear this. I has all the movies we love, and yes we own them too. I love the play on words.

I still have my Nintendo nicely put away, after all now it’s a collectors item. I felt old when my kids said that to me. I told them, they couldn’t use it!


Popsicle stick Mirror

I’ve been wanting a mirror for my living room for a while hoping it would make my small living room look a bit more spacious. As always being on a budget makes things a bit more difficult but I was determined to find the perfect one for me. After a lot of thrift store shopping and almost heart attacks out of shock from prices of big mirrors at the regular store, I’m sad to say that I gave up. Next thing to do, yet again, was make it myself. I know this makes me sound picky, and if you have read other texts, it would seem that way, but really I’m not. I wanted to try my first “big project” with some cheap stuff, that way when it all goes array, it doesn’t hurt as much. I went to go see my “best friend” the $1 Store and found exactly what I needed, two mirrors, popsicle sticks and a board thick enough to hold it.

Went online and searched for big store mirror copy cats and got different ideas from different ones. I took what I liked from them and put together a mirror.

That’s the mirror I bought, I bought 4 of them because I wasn’t sure how big I wanted it to be at the end. I took the frame off which was easier than I thought it was going to be. After I took 3 sides off I realized that I could have just taken one because it could slide right off. I was happy with just two mirrors.

photo 1 photo 2

I took the hooks from the back of the mirrors and made a slit on the board. Since I didn’t know how heavy it would be I used three of them. And I taped them down on the side where the mirrors would go. I chose where on the board I wanted the mirrors to go and glued them down, I used a spray adhesive I had on hand and it worked perfectly. I also covered the mirrors just to be on the safe side, you never know what kind of mess you might make when doing a project for the first time.

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

I think I should have started with saying that before I did all this, I had already spray painted the popsicle sticks outside. I figured that they would dry rather fast since the paint would  just seep into the wood. Guess what!! They did!! By the time I was done prepping the mirrors the sticks were ready to go. I threw the sticks all over the paper and sprayed away, that way all the sticks would come out differently.

photo (7)

I played around with which way the sticks could go, after some major changing around and around and yeah I think one more around, I was happy. Time to get the tacky glue ready, I opted for the clear kind.

photo (6)

After watching a few tv shows I was finally done. But I should warn you that you really have to pay attention and choose one direction in which to go. Sticks will have to be cut to fit the length of the board, which I figured but I started from different corners. At the end I had one part that was filled with little cut pieces so all the sticks would meet each other.

I do love how it came out, very rustic looking and perfect for my taste and my home.

photo (6)

Crochet skirts

I love how crocheted clothes look, if done right they look super light and would be perfect for summer, specially when all you want to do is wear……nothing! Here in Modesto we can get into the 100’s F for a week straight, you can understand how wearing nothing comes to mind. My mother in law does such a beautiful job that it almost makes me want to learn how to crochet, I said almost. I saw these skirts and showed them to her, maybe she understood my hint that I would love a skirt like that. We’ll see, lol!

photo 2 photo 4

I know that they look similar, but you have to look closely to see that the way they’re done is different. I would love to rock some skirt like these during this summer.

Soap dispenser

For a while now I’ve been thinking my bathroom needed a little something to represent me more. Budget being tight I knew I would make some of things, and also I knew I could on my always dependable $1 dollar. As I’ve said before I love the rustic kind of look, so I got inspired by containers made out of a straw like material. I wanted a soap dispenser to match but I had no luck finding out that would go perfect with the containers. I decided to make my own. It was time to get to work. It took me longer than I thought it would, with lots of patience and care I finished a pretty cute dispenser. I had burlap and twine handy, what crafty person doesn’t right, that made it easier.

photo (4)photo 1photo 2

I have a container holding the things I use daily and I got one for the hubby too. I got a smaller one to hold the perfumes that before were scattered in different places. It has also made it way easier to clean the counter, only three things to move out of the way instead of having to pick up each and every single thing I had on the counter. I’m not done yet, I want to add some more details to match, hopefully it will come out as cute as I think these ones did.


Jar of quotes

I put love onto everything I do, I like to think that’s the reason why it all comes out great in the end, but this project didn’t just have love, it had a great sense of pride. My little brother graduates from SFTU, this is such a special moment, I had to make sure that the gift we would give him matched the special occasion. He has always been a history lover, an all around positive thinker and whether you wanted to hear it or not an inspirational advice giver. I had the perfect gift in mind. I got the idea from a picture but I gave it my twist on it so it would match my brother. It was a picture of a diy gumball dispenser, but since it doesn’t have to be only gumballs I decided to fill it up with little scrolls containing positive historical quotes. That was really fun, inspirational and educational! I got to researching right away, I knew that would take the longest along with the retyping and finding the perfect font to match. Doing projects like these is when I’m thankful that I invested on a good paper cutter, a must of the crafty person, cutting all the little scrolls was a breeze. After I thought I had enough to fill the container, I started on putting the dispenser together, spray painting and gluing, my two favorite things to play with. When it was all done, I rolled up the papers and filled the bowl and noticed that it was’t even half way full. Back to the computer to continue the quote search. The day of the graduation comes and I have to admit, I was nervous about giving it to my brother but I gathered all my strength and 2 glasses of wine and I gave it to him. His eyes lighting up and getting a bit misty (after showing him exactly what it was) told me all I needed to know. He loved his gift!! It was an inexplicable moment, an awesome feeling! I am so proud of my “baby” brother.

photo 2 photo 1

Another prom, another boutonniere

Both my daughters are asked to prom, we know what that means, start the process of getting everything ready all over again. Shopping for dresses again, still fun but not as much, and again a fast find. They wanted different colors, different styles so when I told them I wanted to make their boutonniere, they told them they wanted them very different as well. I had my work cut out for me. After searching for the perfect color and type of flower, which this time took a bit longer since the colors were harder to match, my daughters and I agreed on the perfect ones. It was time to get to work and of course I had a blast doing it.



The guys loved their boutonniere, they were happy to receive something that would last them forever. Flowers wither and die, these will last years down the line. I was happy seeing everybody’s smiles, it made the work worth while. I thought it would be faster since I had already done one, but it wasn’t the case.  I had most of the materials already handy from last time but it was still a challenge, a worthy advisory but at the end I was the victor!

Thrifty Wardrobe

Sometimes when I drive and I see a thrift store, I feel is  a sin if I don’t stop by, I just don’t feel right!! I don’t think is just me, many girls feel like that, I hope! When I go in I go straight for the clothes, give it a quick look to see if anything jumps at me, if I don’t see anything fast, I move on to another section. I’m the type of person that loves clothes but is not that creative in putting it all together. People buy a piece of clothing and when they are done altering it, it looks unrecognizable and gorgeous. This is the case with, she is amazing. She can buy a horrific looking dress that leaves you thinking that even $2 was overpaying and then you see the end result and you are left in awe!!!



These are just some of the ones that she has transformed, seriously in awe!! Her creativity amazes me, even my daughter said that she just had the “eye” for it. There are so many more transformations on her site, I noticed that an hour went by and I was still mesmerized by what she had done. She has skills!

Flower Mirror

My daughter’s favorite color has always been pink! I dressed my twins in pink and girly colors, it stuck with only one. She continued to wear pink, she’s 17 and she still has to have something pink. When you look at their closet, you know exactly which side is hers. I love her bright, vibrant bubbly personality she has. When she saw me make the mirrors with the branches and twigs, she knew that she would love one too. I wasn’t surprised when she said that it had to be pink. I asked her if she wanted me to spray paint the branches pink and of course she laughed. She said that it had to be cute and girly. I went to work right away. Went to my favorite craft store, $1 store, and got two different kinds of pink leis and a mirror. I have to say, I love how it came out and not to mention I got a huge hug and a smile.